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TronMe is an interactive media player developed by 3D Solar. This software will give you the ability to make your own song versions or remixes. In addition you will be enabled to perform them live in your favourite chat programs. The title´s ultimate goal is simply to bring you a new way of music experience, additionally you are going to be able to broadcast it to the world.

The success of this amazing and innovative application is based on the innovative IVS technology which customizes songs transforming them into a completely unique interactive musical experience. The best of all, you can do this just by the use of your mouse and webcam.
You will also find that this program brings to you the ability to apply different effects to have cooler and more interesting results.

There are two track files modes: Full and Normal interactivity.
Full interactive tracks allow you to manoeuvre instruments, vocals and much more.
Normal interactive files, has the advantage of being able to convert any MP3 file into a customized version.

You will also have more than 80 different effects to apply to your remix. In this way you can generate a unique song broadcast and the visual effects that accompany it will be unique as well.

Artists will also play an important role in TronMe as they are will promote their tracks in a very innovative way and also they will allow their fans to participate in some way in the music creation process.

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